BT announces delay to the ‘ISDN switch off’ until 2027!

BT announces delay to the ‘ISDN switch off’ until 2027!

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BT has announced an extension to the ‘ISDN switch off’ of traditional lines. BT Openreach had previously announced that all traditional (PSTN) lines and ISDN lines would be switched off by December 2025. But this has now been extended to January 31, 2027.

This gives householders and businesses over a year longer to get ready for the switch-off. The additional time allows for a smoother transition.

The switch to internet-based voice systems (VoIP), is part of a broader move to modernise the UK’s telecommunications infrastructure. The need to move customers to digital services is still high, even with the delay. The new deadline aims to make this possible without risking the safety and well-being of those who rely on the current system.

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