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Supercharge Your Team’s Productivity With Cloud Telephony

Supercharge Your Team’s Productivity With Cloud Telephony

Productivity verses work-life balance.

In our quest for increased productivity, we often contend with the delicate balance between work and personal life. As companies strive to attract and retain the right talent, finding this equilibrium becomes crucial. Enter telephony, a longstanding champion of communication, which has now evolved to thrive in our digital age. Let’s explore how cloud-based telephony can revolutionise both productivity and work-life balance, providing businesses with the collective competitive edge they need.

What is cloud-based telephony?

Cloud-based telephony, also known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), is a technology that allows you to make and receive phone calls over the internet, instead of using traditional phone lines. This means that you can access your phone system from any device, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. You can also integrate your phone system with other cloud-based applications, such as CRM, email, and chat, to streamline your workflows and enhance your customer service.

How productivity is boosted.

Cloud-based telephony offers many advantages for businesses that want to improve their productivity, such as:

  • Cost efficiency: Phone expenses are cut down by leveraging internet-based calls. This is especially beneficial if your business has global teams or clients. Hardware and maintenance costs are reduced, due to the reduced need for costly phone equipment or dedicated IT staff. Cloud-based telephony allows you to pay only for utilised services, avoiding charges for unused lines or features. Streamline your communication costs and enhance efficiency through this cost-effective approach.

  • Flexibility and scalability: Easily adapt your phone system to match your evolving business needs without concerns about contracts or capacity limitations. Customise features like call recording, voicemail, or conferencing according to your preferences. Tailor your phone system to align seamlessly with the specific requirements of your industry or niche, offering unparalleled flexibility and scalability.

  • Remote Working: As hybrid work becomes more prevalent, offering employees flexibility without sacrificing productivity is crucial. Cloud telephony not only enhances work flexibility but actually boosts productivity. Your business can promote offering better work-life balance for employees but take advantage of increased productivity.
  • Flexible working in the office: Unlike traditional static desk phones, cloud telephony allows mobility, especially important for hot desking scenarios.  Staff can use any device (laptop, mobile phone) as their business phone, enabling them the flexibility to move around the office without missing calls, enhancing productivity.
  • Remote working flexibility:  Whether your teams are co-ordinating from different locations or staff member are out visiting clients, a cloud-based phone system ensures seamless communication.  With features like business voicemail and corporate directories remaining accessible when working remotely, productivity is boosted.

  • Mobility: Transform your mobile phone into an extension of your office line with its full suite of features, guaranteeing your never miss a call or an opportunity.  Seamlessly transfer calls between devices or establish call forwarding rules, ensuring constant accessibility and connectivity.

  • Collaboration: Enhance communication and collaboration with your team and clients through impactful features like video calls, screen sharing, and instant messaging.  Seamlessly integrate your phone system with productivity tools such as Microsoft Teams, facilitating file, document, and calendar sharing.  Leverage cloud-based telephony to host webinars, podcasts, or online events, expanding your each to a broader audience and generating increased leads.
  • Enhance sales performance: To optimise sales performance, it is crucial that your sales teams can efficiently handle incoming leads from any location globally.  Our adaptable cloud-based system equips sales organisations with the essential tools for this task.  Offering features such as fully integrated voice mail, unified communications, mobile twinning and real-time presence information, our systems empower your sales staff, providing a competitive edge and ensuring customer satisfaction.

An impactful feature that can contribute to increased sales is call recording.  By leveraging call recording, you gain the ability to clarify misunderstandings, resolve disputes, uphold standards, and set an exemplary precedent.  This tool allows for easy spot checks, enabling you to listen firsthand to your customers’ experiences daily.

Using CRM Integration, you can transform your telephone system into a pivotal asset for your business. Seamlessly integrating your telephone system with contact management software provides instant access to important customer information.   Before even answering a call, crucial customer details such as history, name, and telephone number can be displayed.  This integration facility not only provides cost efficiencies but also professional handling of calls, ultimately boosting customer engagement and your team’s productivity.

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and experience.

Improve your customer interactions by implementing personalised greetings, hold music, messages, and utilising informative pop-up screens.  Utilise cloud-based telephony for activities such as collecting feedback, conducting surveys, and sending reminders, fostering improved customer loyalty and retention.

Your go-to Telecommunications Partner

With experience suppling and installing award-winning phone systems, we are the clear choice for any business looking to upgrade their telephone system.  Our cloud-based system, is designed to reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve customer satisfaction and is fully loaded with applications and features.  We support you every step of the way with suppling, installing, and supporting the system and tailoring to your requirements.  Whether your-re looking to upgrade your existing phone system or are interested to find out how the latest technology can make a difference to your business, contact us today!