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Boost your business evolution with telephony innovation

Recognising that reliable communication is fundamental to any successful business, we take pride in our business phone systems, celebrated for their dependability and advanced features. Designed to ensure uninterrupted communication, our systems enable you to focus on business growth without worrying about connectivity issues.

Business phone systems designed with you in mind

Whether you’re at the office or working remotely, maintaining seamless connections with your team and clients has never been easier.

Enhancing team efficiency, our versatile telephony solutions are available in both cloud-based and on-premise options. Tailored to suit businesses of all sizes and industries, these solutions offer comprehensive support for your diverse needs.

Experience hassle-free installation and management of our telephone solutions, complemented by unlimited access to HBTel’s Telecoms experts through our dedicated help desk.

Why partner with HBTel

Our team of experienced business communication professionals take pride in delivering first-class support and customer service.  At HBTel you will always hear the phrase, let’s put ourselves in the customers shoes! This is backed up by the brilliant feedback we get, day in day out, from customers using our service.

We believe in providing solutions that serve the precise needs of your organisation. Our genuine and honest specialists have an illustrious history of offering the best advice, expertise, and support.  With HBTel you are not just selecting a telecommunications partner but partnering with a team invested in your success.

Keep your team connected with Cloud Telephony

HB Connect, an award-winning cloud telephony solution widely adopted in the UK, offers a future-proof, scalable, and user-friendly experience.  With true multi-site functionality, it supports your business growth, boosting features like secure call recording, voicemail-to-email, and click-to-dial integration.

Our system provides you with affordable, secure unified business communications with advanced telephony features and front-office applications and tools that will support your business requirements today and well into the future.

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Empower your team with HB Connect Cloud Telephony

Unrestricted geographical reach

One of the many benefits of HB Connect is that geographical boundaries vanish. Your employees, regardless of their location, become part of a unified system. They can make free calls to each other without needing technical IT expertise. Each user can make calls from multiple devices—soft phones, handsets, or both.

Mobile App convenience

Our mobile app replaces or integrates with desk phones, allowing users to make, receive, and transfer calls, retrieve voicemails, and engage in private chats—all from their Android or iPhone devices. A reliable internet connection is all that’s needed.

Enhanced desktop experience

Our desktop application is designed to simplify and enhance your day-to-day communications, elevating your communications to the next level. Features like presence, instant messaging, conferencing, click-to-dial, and seamless integrations with web-based CRM software and browsers enhance your phone system’s functionality, making it an essential tool for your business.

Benefits of HB Connect

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Easily add or remove phone lines without hardware changes.

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Work from anywhere using mobile apps or soft phones.

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Robust Features

Access call forwarding, voicemail, analytics and more.

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High uptime and redundancy for seamless communication.

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Cost efficiencies

Bypass initial equipment expenses and manage your budget through monthly subscription plans.

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Increased Productivity

With streamlined communication, teams collaborate more effectively.

All these features and more

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Business voicemail

Improve the way your business operates daily and enjoy efficient communication, cost savings, and improved customer experiences.

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Call recording

Effortlessly capture and store all your incoming and outgoing calls anytime with automatic cloud backup.

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Call reporting

Utilise in-depth reports to identify areas for business improvement and showcase your performance in managing call traffic.

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Enhance meeting efficiency by conducting a greater number of online meetings and conferences.

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Mobile Apps

Transform your smartphone or desktop into a seamless extension of your phone system, ensuring you retain all essential business telephone functionalities.

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On hold marketing

Captivate your callers during hold periods or after business hours with tailor-made branded messages crafted to inform and educate your clients.

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Remote working

Work from anywhere in the world with remote access, maintaining the consistent and exceptional service that your customers recognise and value.

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Video calling

Empower seamless collaboration and productivity by visually connecting with anyone, anywhere.

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CRM Integration

Instantly retrieve caller information with screen pop-ups, adding a personalised touch that elevates the overall customer experience and satisfaction.

Our Services

Our business is built solely upon recommendations and word of mouth. We pride ourselves on delivering first-class support and customer service. We are genuine and honest specialists with an illustrious history to be proud of offering the best advice, expertise, and support.

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Microsoft Teams Telephony

Microsoft teams calling enables Teams to be changed into a robust and flexible telephone system.  Conduct voice and video calls seamlessly on any device, ensuring constant connectivity and increased productivity from anywhere.

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What is hosted cloud telephony?

Hosted cloud telephony, alternatively referred to as hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), enables businesses to place calls through the internet instead of traditional phone lines. The service provider manages and hosts the system off-site, in the cloud.

How does cloud telephony differ from a traditional phone system?

Conventional phone systems depend on physical phone lines and on-site PBX equipment. In contrast, cloud telephony operates via the internet, removing the necessity for physical infrastructure and providing increased flexibility and scalability.

How secure are cloud-based systems?

Esteemed providers make substantial investments in security protocols, incorporating robust encryption and compliance measures to safeguard the confidentiality of calls and data.

How reliable are cloud-based systems?

Certainly, given a robust internet connection and a reliable service provider ensuring high uptime, cloud-based systems can match, if not surpass, the reliability of traditional systems.

How scalable is a cloud-based phone system?

Cloud-based systems offer scalability as a distinct advantage. Adding or removing users is typically a straightforward process, making it well-suited for the expansion needs of growing businesses.

How can my business transition from a traditional to a cloud-based system?

HBTel provides support during this transition, encompassing the establishment of the cloud service, seamless porting of existing phone numbers, and comprehensive training for staff on the new system.

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