Are you prepared for the ISDN switch off?

Are you prepared for the ISDN switch off?


You may have heard that BT Openreach is planning to switch off their traditional (ISDN and PSTN) phone line services in favour of internet-based voice systems.

If you haven’t heard about this yet, don’t worry, you’re not alone! Many businesses are still unaware that this change is happening.

With Openreach’s complete Switch off of all traditional copper line services, it is critical for ALL businesses to act sooner rather than later. Although the complete shutdown is December 2025, it’s good to start looking now. 2025 will arrive quicker than you think so it pays to be prepared to ensure your business is not impacted by the biggest shakeup to the telephone and internet network in decades.

Here at HBTel, we specialise in providing organisations with cloud/hosted telephony and fibre internet services. We have already successfully migrated hundreds of internet connections and telephone lines to the cloud – it is a straightforward process with the correct planning in place from the start.

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