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Values in Action: Empowering Our Team and Delighting Clients

Values in Action: Empowering Our Team and Delighting Clients


We believe that by prioritising our values and investing in the happiness of our employees and clients, we can collectively become stronger.  Our values therefore underpin everything we do at HBTel. 

We have 3 values of Customer centric, Driven by learning, and Human-centred. Everyone who works at HBTel are driven by these three things.  


There is not one individual who doesn’t believe that customers are at the centre of everything we do. You will always hear the phrase, let’s put ourselves in the customers shoes! This is backed up by the brilliant feedback we get, day in day out, from customers using our service. 

Driven by learning

Another value that everyone at HBTel lives every single day is Driven by learning. To be honest you have to like change and learning new things to work in the technology sector! We place great emphasis on, not just staying up to date, but by making sure we are at the forefront of new technologies as they emerge. We believe that everyone learns something every single day. So it isn’t just about the latest technology, passing vendors accreditations or learning new skills. Every day is about developing as human beings. 


And this brings us to the third value of Human-centred. We might work with technology and AI as part of our work, but we will never forget that we are all human. We will always be here to talk to our customers, understand their perspectives and always make sure we are proposing the best possible solution for them. Being Human-centred also ensure that everyone at HBTel likes to work as a team. It is one of the things we thoroughly check when recruiting new staff. We have to make sure they will work as part of a team otherwise they will not fit in at HBTel! 

We like to think that anyone who walks through our office door would recognise these values being demonstrated every hour of every day. 

If you would like to find out more about our values, contact Carol Evans, Head of Amazing at HBTel.